Thursday, November 22, 2018

Athletics Day Poems

Last week was athletics day, so this week Room 1 wrote free verse poems about athletics day. 

Athletics Day Free Verse Poem
by: Jayden
I got into zones when I past the cones but the other kids well
they moaned and groaned. For high jump I was jumping and
pumping my legs all over the place. I chose to lose because
all the activities were torture. There was long jump and shot put
relays and sprints but my favourite activity was definitely 400
meter.I passed the cones so close to zones just one place away.
my arms were on fire because of the boiling sun.I smelt
delicious coffee during all the events which made my tummy
rumble and hands shake.I dreamed of poring the whole lot
into my mouth. Then there was the sprint final I past the cone
basically last so I didn't get into zones.Then there was the
adults race.

Athletics day
by: Saqib

The day is boiling hot
It hard to breathe
Challenges are getting harder in sprints
Sunblock won't last for long
Water in water bottle are low
Sun’s hotter than fire
Tans are getting darker
I have tasted defeat
All the sports are exhausting!
Sprinting is here at the finals
Shot put is heavier
Activities are everywhere
Sprinting + jumping = long jump
I choose to win!
Athletics day rhyming poem:
by Layadri
I’m boiling from the hotness while sitting on the  grass.
The final runners are sprinting fast.
Finally it was my turn,
I was thinking of the goals I had to learn.
I see children with moans and groans,
As the teachers set up the row of cones.
I start on the line, One! Two! Three!
I feel the wind bashing on me.
At the end, I come third place. I can’t wait for the final race.
I finish again, but in first place,
All I did was steady my pace.
As the teachers pick up the row of colourful cones,

On a Monday, I hear I’m in zones!


by: Lachlan 
Being amused in the sun while I run.
Jumping and pumping.
Choose the lose or win.
Sports all day,
Makes me want to lay and slouch,
On my couch.
Moans and groans,
At the start of a race.
Bring sunscreen,
Or learn what a burn is.
Jittery bodies,
Lying in the shade not knowing what to do.
Feeling vigorous or nervous you might have to go to zones.
Running, pushing, jumping, slumping we can do it all!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Natural Disaster Stories

For the past few weeks, Room 1 has been writing a natural disaster story. They have used some excellent language features and their imagination to think of these stories. Great work Room 1! 

The Zombie Invasion
by: Anish
It was a rainy day and a billionaire called Bob sat in his 1,000,000 storey house. He sat on his very elegant chair
which was right next to his computer which was on his bank account. He watched patiently and ate
mentos as trillions of dollars entered his bank account. His butler was right next to him just in case
something happens.Suddenly the power went out and there was thunder and lighting outside. Bob said a
really rude word that was really offensive. The butler quickly ran out of the room and 1 second later the
power was back on.Bob said to the butler he was to slow and said a offensive word. The butler was about to
say something but then he stopped.There were zombies outside and was heading towards them. They both
screamed in terror as the zombies killed everybody else. Suddenly a nuclear bomb exploded and the zombies
turned into mutants. Both the butler and Bob screamed again and again that their voices were croaky.

Far away a guy called Bryan was playing roblox phantom forces and was wrecking everyone so bad.
Then the lights went out.Bryan said a really rude that I wouldn’t dare to add in this story. He was a you tuber
and was videoing one of his best videos when the power went out.Just like Bob he saw the zombies killing
everyone and the zombie turning into mutants. He was going to hide under his bed but the power
came back on and Bryan continued playing phantom forces acting as if nothing happened. Bob was on his
fastest car which was the fastest car in the universe in all of the history through the city finding hundreds of
dead bodies on the floor.Then he saw a house with a guy playing games on his ps4.”Is he crazy” thought Bob,
as he walked up to the entrance of the house.”Everyone had died and he was playing on his ps4 the
entire time,” he knocked on the door.Bryan looked through the window.”Sorry eating noodles” Said Bryan.

Meanwhile the Butler was at Bob’s expensive mansion which was also known as The Bob House. He waited
and waited and waited and waited for 2 hours but his boss never came. Then a zombie was outside the house
banging on the door. The butler thought that was the pizza guy because he ordered pizza. He opened the door
about to grab the handle of the door but then he stopped. He checked through the window and there was a
zombie! He was so shocked that he nearly fainted but he didn’t. He went to the garage got the second fastest
car and some weapons and went all around the town.He stopped and the pizza store and stole loads of pizza
without paying for any of it which is really rude.

Bob finally made Bryan get out of his house and convince him that they both had to create a only zombie
killing bomb which was pretty easy because all you do is some nonsense if you used the manual which is Bob
had.Meanwhile the butler was looking for Bob when he spotted Bob with a random dude. Soon the butler
was with Bob and was creating the only killing Zombies bomb. After they created the bomb they had to travel to the past using one of Bob’s time machine and light the bomb in the past. Once they reached the past Bryan asked”Who will get to light the bomb.” ”I will” said Bob. Bob quickly iit the bomb and all three of them took cover. There was a loud noise and a flash and every single Zombie was dead except for one which Bob killed with the guy. Bob, the Butler and Bryan saved the world by killing all the zombies and no one got harmed. All three of them went back in the present and lived peacefully while eating the pizza that they stole.

My Natural Disaster Story
by: Dhyana
Giant tranchulas invade the country, In America, Historical, country 
got nice buildings then tranchulas come America has been damaged
 those buildings destroyed and very disgusting, caused dramatic 
change, 10 people still remain alive.
I dont have light which complicates my life because if it is night time 
there is no way I will be able to see then the giant tranchulas can kill me. Clothes will complicate this situation cause then i will not be warm. 
Blanket will complicate this situation because  then I will freeze to
 death. Toothpaste and toothbrush will complicate this situation 
because my teeth will grow rotten.
My character will be brave and fight the tranchulas, It will bunker 
down it its house,My characters are going to be heroes and save 
the world.
Summer sat in her chair looking outside her old and rusty window 
she wore a golden bracelet with silver earrings and a golden ring that 
sat on her skinny and slim pinky finger, she got in her bed and was 
about to fall asleep when suddenly she heard a noise it sounded like 
a monster but it wasn’t.Summer wanted to check out this boisterous 
noise it seemed to her like it was continuous but it only happened 
once. She got in her car and started to drive to the park because to 
her that is where the sound was coming from.
Summer strolled through the park with her weapons handy in her 
handbag, when suddenly she heard a boom she ignored it and just  
kept walking then a few minutes, later she heard a bang she got so frightened she ran to her car and started to drive away but she wasn’t 
fast enough and so that sound just kept following her like little ducklings. It was so loud it shook the whole country.When summer was coming 
around a bend she saw black shadows surrounding her it was a 
nightmare for her.It was ugly and in a weird looking shape that 
mysterious thing finally came out from hiding it was a humongous tarantula.Summer fell unconscious.
As soon as Summer woke up she was slouched against her car chair 
she looked around she was amazed at what she saw it was broken 
glass and torn apart buildings then she felt water dripping down her face she touched it but it was amazingly red it was blood the tranchulas had smashed her car and destroyed the whole town. She kept absorbing 
this country there were broken down trees and buildings everywhere. Summer could not take this anymore so she made this mesmerizing 
plan that she is going to gather a team and stop these harmful 
Summer called some of her friends to see if they wanted to join her 
team but no one seemed to answer their phones so it looked like 
Summer was on her own. She was ready to explore the world but first 
she went to the boot grabbed her extra special weapons and headed 
out to kill the those ugly, giant, black creatures.  
Summer had no idea which tarantula she would execute first because 
there were at least 5-6 tarantulas that were spread around the whole of America. So she started of going North and the first thing she found 
was the tarantula she quickly got out her gun and shot the tarantula (it took a few tries) the spider finally fell dead and its blood was just dripping 
down its leg. Then Summer decided to go up east where she 
discovered that there was more than just one tarantula.she went 
double the gun and she shot and fired but that was not enough to kill the tarantula so she got her bomb ad blew up at least 2 of the tarantulas.

Apocalyptic natural disaster

by: Eric Wu 

Lachlan is a thin man that is 24 years old. He’s got short blonde hair
that covers parts of his forehead. He always puts a cap on his head.
He was sitting on his old chair working on his computer not noticing the
huge shock… but the second shock definitely caught his attention. As
he peeked through the window he saw a deep hole where his car was.
When he saw what was inside the hole he looked like he was gonna
get knocked out in one punch, there was a meteorite the size of an
elephant. The next shock knocked him out.

The next thing he knew he was lying inside a wrecked house. He woke
up in a sudden, he tried to make a run for it but someone heard him.
“Come back here right now!” came a voice inside the house. “Come
here let me tell you something. Lachlan suspicious, He thought “should
I go or not?” Finally he made the decision to go. Inside there was an
old man sitting on a rusty chair.

He said “We are one of the only few that are alive on earth, you must save the world.”
Lachlan said “Are we the only two left?”
The old man replied “No, I have the rest of the people in the basement.
Lachlan thought for a while.

He answered “Yes.” The old man said “ You better get some rest and you’ve got some blood on your knee there” Lachlan looked down and
said “Thank you” the old man said “It should be me who’s thanking you!”
Lachlan went to the basement and started making a plan.

He got out once his plan was finished. The huge road is now  nothing
but a hill of the broken materials. He was now running across the land
and found his only stuff left: food,water,a gun,some medicine and
clothes. Lachlan walked on to find more supplies but all he found is

2 things - a letter and a dead body!

What it said was: You will be our only hope, Lachlan.
Lachlan had no idea who it was from but felt both stupid and suspicious.
Lachlan noticed the dead body at once - it was the old man! He
thought how he got here for a while then he went to the closest
window to get a breathe, suddenly he saw a huge meteorite
zooming towards the ground!He quickly got his gun out and
started shooting at the meteorite.

The meteorite started slowing down and cracking. Lachlan heard a big
BOOM! He stared triumphantly at the now broken huge rock. There
were more rocks falling to the floor.

Lachlan rushed outside and held down the trigger.
Some of the huge balls broke while others just kept rushing down.

“This is no use!” Lachlan screamed.
“Don’ worry we’ve got your back ‘ere buddy.” came a voice behind him.

Lachlan noticed that these people behind him were the other survivors.
When Lachlan was reloading his gun, he found a grenade! He held the
grenade high and stood there for five seconds. Then there was a huge
explosion. BOOM! BANG!
Lachlan had sacrificed his own life for the other survivors. The grenade
blew up the meteorites.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Book Character Day

Today, Halsey Drive dressed up as a book character. In the morning, we had a parade to showcase our costumes and to see the other classes costumes. 

Monday, November 12, 2018


This term, our inquiry topic is natural systems. Each week we have been looking at a different system. Last week we looked at the biosphere and made a presentation to teach others about the biosphere. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Q-Tip Pointillism

In Room 1, students read about the artist George Seurat who was a pioneer of Pointillism, a technique of painting in which small dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image. Afterwards, the students got to try the technique using q-tips, paint and paper. 

Educational Minecraft

This week, the Australia reading group read an article about a company making Minecraft an educational tool. Students created their own educational version of Minecraft.