Thursday, June 21, 2018

Save our Oceans

The Canada reading group read "Ocean's Alive" and learnt about how to protect oceans and the marine life that live in the ocean and their importance. The students created posters to illustrate how to help save our oceans. 

by: Suhail 

by: Eric H. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Persuasive Writing

For the past 2 weeks, Room 5 has been writing persuasive texts to try and convince others to accept their expressed views. 
Why you should be able to play Fortnite at
by: Lachlan Norris

Hey you!, have you wanted to play video games at school. Well I have.
This is why:

Studies at university of Toronto have shown that shooter/action video games
like COD (Call Of Duty), Assassin's Creed ect, can increase your hand-eye
coordination. Also it can increase your reaction time, that both can help in a
serious situation. Hand-eye coordination can help in things like baseball,
tennis, table tennis and any martial arts.

Furthermore it can encourage teamwork, if you play in squads you have to
gang up to eliminate another squad. This will help younger children learn the
importance of teamwork. While playing they will also teach the children to
share. In squads one player might have a lot of medium ammo.
Another player might need some and give some rockets in exchange.

A Lot of food is gone to waste because people are not eating their
lunch, so students will only be able to play if they have ate all of their
lunch. Now parents will be happy because the work gone into the lunch,
was worth it.

Moreover, out of all the video games I chose Fortnite.
That is because of the kid friendly appearance.
There is no blood but there are funny looking characters.
If you get shot there is no puncture hole in the skin. There are different
modes solos, duos, and what I mentioned before, squads.
LTMs(limited time modes) can come out. They can be like sniper
shootout (only snipers), 50v50 (Two teams of 50 people) 20v20v20v20v20
( Five teams of 20) and more. Fortnite is not like a game that is similar to GTA
(Grand Theft Auto)

I believe that students should be able to play Fortnite at lunch because
it helps children increase their hand-eye coordination and reaction time.
It also helps them learn the role of teamwork, and there will be empty lunch
boxes which makes parents feel like the hard work paid off.

Persuasive writing
by: Anish
Do you want your kids to be interactive?
Do want them to not to be lazy?
In my opinion kids should be allowed to bring beyblades to school because it is really fun to use in
morning tea and lunch,it is not dangerous, and it teaches us responsibility.

Do you want students to get bored because of a lack of laziness?
If students bring beyblades,then they won’t get distracted with each other when they spin it since beyblades
are silent and they can’t disturb other students from learning in class time.
Also in morning tea or lunch,if they are bored they can use it.

Do you think that beyblades are dangerous?
If you think yes,then you are wrong.
Beyblades are harmless toys that can barely attack anyone.
They also never destroy any furniture except for glass and if they do it is either because:
The glass is already damaged or the glass is too light.

Did you think that a student will lose  a beyblade as soon as they brought it to school?
If you think yes you a totally wrong.
If someone loses a beyblade,then they will know they won’t get another one.
So students will do anything to keep it safe.
After they learned that they had to keep beyblades safe, they will learn to keep other important stuff safe.

I now strongly believe that students should bring their own beyblade to school.It is really fun to have in
morning tea and lunch,It is totally not dangerous ,and It teaches us responsibility.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Character Description

Room 5 created character descriptions based on their artwork. They had to describe their characters hair, face, body and clothing using powerful descriptive vocabulary. 
by: Dileena
Catie has long and wavy hair but has curls in many places.
She also has very pointy cat ears, her strawberry-blonde hair
has lots of ringlets. This fantastic lady has lots of fly aways and
has a fringe up to her eyes.

Catie has smooth, peachy coloured, fair skin. Her mysterious
emerald green eyes give a bright glow to her skin. She has
luscious bright red lips that give her face a bright glow.

Catie wears a rainbow dress that has lots of rags on it. Her
socks are very uneven, but give her an exquisite look.
Whenever she walks out of her house, her clothes glitter
in the sun.

My Spy
by: James
My spy, Mr Black, wears a pitch black hat and a sleek, dark suit.
He wears sunglasses which help to make him look mysterious.
 He has hard, sturdy boots and always has a serious, tense expression on his face.
He has brown spiky hair that is quite oily as he doesn’t
wash it that often.   

He survived Chernobyl. He has a reddish nose and he
speaks Ukrainian.  He is very skinny and spotty, tall and
bruised. He has one black eye and a dart gun.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Walking Water Experiment

For writing, Room 5 wrote instructions for a science experiment called "The Walking Water Experiment." Last week Room 5 conducted the experiment and recorded their observations. 

Walking Water Science Experiment
by: Eric Wu

Purpose:to find out how water absorbs liquid
  • 3 glass cups (Has to be same height)
  • Paper towels
  • Food colouring
  • Spoons
  • Water
  • eye-droppers
  1. Get your two strips of paper towels.
  1. Fold in half twice until it is the correct width (about 1 or 2 inches wide).
  1. Place your two folded strips aside.
  1. Grab your 3 glass cups and put them in a row.
  1. Carefully pour the water into the cup until it’s half way full.
  1. Put the one strip into the side and the other strip in the other cup.
  1. Wait for an hour or two.
  1. Check your experiment results.

Tips and hints:

Tip: try NOT to get the dye on your shirt or your Mums going to
be mad.

Tip: Use two primary colours for the food colouring
e.g Blue and yellow

Tip: The longer you wait,the more water there will be in the middle glass.

You will see that the water has ‘walked’ to the middle glass and made a different colour.

Conclusion: The paper towels can absorb liquids and move water.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Community Day

Last term, the Year 5 and 6's created a community day based on their inquiry topic. Room 5 explored religious communities and created symbols for other students to trace around. Students also created presentations and spoke about different religions. Well done Room 5 on all your hard work! 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Mt Albert Pool Trips

Last Thursday, the Year 5's went to the Mt Albert Aquatic Centre to learn about safety in and around all types of water, including the use of personal floatation devices and life jackets, boating safety and hazard identification. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Commonwealth Games

On Wednesday 4th April, the year 5 and 6 classes participated in the Commonwealth Games. Students were given at the quiz at the beginning of the day to test their knowledge about the Commonwealth Games. Afterwards, students were split into their house teams and played games from Kiribati, India, Malta, New Zealand, Fiji and South Africa.