Monday, September 24, 2018

Market Day Wednesday 26th September 2018

Tomorrow (Wednesday 26th September) from 8:30-8:55 am is Year 5 and 6 Market Day. Room 1 has been hard at work, crafting friendship bracelets, pencil holders and containers. Come and buy some products tomorrow morning to show your support!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Math Strategies

Using explain everything, Room 1 explained how to use various math strategies learned in class. 

By Lachlan, Sarah and Daniyal

by: Prisha, Dhyana and James

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Room 1 Speeches

This past few weeks, Room 1 has been hard at work writing their speeches. This week they have presented their speeches and put their presentations on their blogs. You can see their speeches on their individual blogs. 
Great work Room 1! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Refugee Journal Entry

The Australia reading group, read a text entitled "New New Zealanders," about a refugee named
Christian Kaka who fled Syria for New Zealand due to war. The students had to put themselves
in the refugees shoes and write a journal entry depicting how they might feel and what they
might see if they had to flee their own country due to war or other conflicts.

Refugee Journal Entry
by: Lachlan
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!!!, went the rugged waves devouring our boat as we escaped New
Zealand. We felt depressed and miserable: the whole trip to Aussie land. At first I felt like I
wanted to die because we had to leave our dogs at home.

It was annoying learning how to understand their weird way of talking,”Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi
Oi Oi.” We had to find a education, but the schools were all full. That mean I had to be
homeschooled. My brother hated the idea, because he had to learn harder stuff than he normally
does back in New Zealand school.

Whenever I think  about New Zealand, I think about my dogs and burst into tears, imagining
them licking me whenever they could, and barking at every dog or bird they saw. I hope that they
have been adopted by a good owner and are safe.

In Australia we can have a very good education from our mum. People are still suffering from
the war, I hope that they are all fine, but I know for a fact that not everyone is a survivor.
Thoughts still scar me but everyone has something that is scary, and that is what scares me.    

Journal Entry For A Refugee
by: Dhyana
It has been forever since I have fled from my amazing country,
that is now at war. I now have a journey to China with my mum
and my brother but my dad has already fled to China, then went
straight to South Korea. I suffer from anxiety and am in extreme
pain.My dad never returns so we have no choice but to hop in
a boat and go to South Korea to find him.

We soon arrive in South Korea on December 6t.  We are able
to find my Dad and we end up living in a flat with other
strangers.I am so overwhelmed to be together with my family,
however we apply to go to the South Korean schools. There
are big challenges in learning the language and making new
friends.In a short period of time I am able to understand this
new culture and language.

Here in South Korea we had to register for the best educational schools, however I am still a
refugee which pains me because it makes me think of what happened back in North
Korea. North Korea is a great country until it got destroyed.

I’m A
by: Kenisha

On December 13th 2018 Mali attack my beloved
country, Algeria.We traveled to France leaving my
friends behind with a promise that will never forget
each other.

When we finally reached France it was really scary.
There was new memories to make, a new language
to learn and new friends to meet.

I know my real scar is that I’m a refugee.I miss my
home. I hope I can go back to my home where my
young memories live.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lotto Ticket Narrative

Room 5 has been writing narratives about winning lotto tickets and then having that money disappear or become stolen. These are a few of the stories.
$10,000,000 Stolen?
by: Adhvika
The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, but dark clouds could be seen in the distance. The dairy was in  quite a dangerous neighbourhood, street signs had been pushed down, lights had been broken and trees were about to fall any minute. People had gates and cameras all over their homes to keep robbers out as there had been thefts and murders happening that year. The dairy owner was keen on catching the thief so he had lots of lotto tickets for sale.

Angel was strolling through this particular dangerous neighborhood when she spotted the old dairy. She decided to check it out. Looking straight ahead, Angel saw lotto tickets for sale.“Perfect” she thought, “that’s what I need to get.” Eagerly she scratched the card, until her numbers appeared. She stared into the rusty TV with fingers crossed watching the numbers being called. Angel fell to the ground, frantically screaming, “I've won a $10 million dollars!” Thoughts raced through her head, “What do I buy? Do I have enough to buy a mansion?” But coincidentally while she walked out she felt someone was watching her.

Meanwhile, at the dairy Steven was creeping around angel. .He  had piercings and tattoos all over his face which made him look scary. Suddenly he hears Angel shriek that she won, he was enraged. Immediately, he makes up a plan to steal the lotto ticket. When he sees angel talking to her friend, he thinks ’’This is the time.” He approached the girl, and kindly said “Hi.” and as he brushed past her, snapped the lotto ticket right out of her back pocket

“Well that was weird”angel said to layadri.”Who cares we have won a million dollars.”I still can't get over it. “That guy cant bother us anyway”. He's just a creepy old man, what can he do to us. So angel went home telling everyone breathlessly that she had won a  10 million dollars. People were eagerly waiting to see the winning lotto ticket. Reaching into her pocket she realizes it gone. She feels cheerless. But stands up bravely still willing to find it. She she runs outside, tries to remember who might of taken it.

Then light bulb. that creepy old man." He must of taken my lotto ticket.  My lotto ticket was in his hand while he waved to me. Now I remember, I've got to find him. Angel called the police they had found the fingerprint that Steven had left on angels pocket so Steven was arrested.Now that she had her lotto ticket, she was immensely rich. 2 years later she was living in a mansion with her parents with a private pool and everything you could imagine.

The 10,000,000 lotto draw
by: Bailey
“Beep,beep taking lotto ticket from this man.” shuddered the machine called Tierno.
Bob watched Tierno take his ticket and analyse the numbers 1,0,49,30,25,11 and
the bonus ball 40. That night bob had switched the channel to 900 so he saw the
winning number.

Bob gazed upon the numbers being drawn-1,0,49,30,25,11 and the bonus ball 40.
”That’s it I’ve won $10,000,000” screamed bob. He grabbed his hover car keys and
drove really fast in his hover car towards the store and claimed the prize. Archer
watched in shock as Bob sprinted out the doors and at that moment Archer decided
he wanted that money and fast.

The next day Bob went on his Nintendo switch playing the legend of Zelda breath
of the wild expansion pack 2, The Champions Ballad. At that moment Bob didn’t
realise that Archer was climbing up a ladder towards the roof. Archer ran across
the roof trying to find the windows to find Bob’s room. Bob heard some noises
from above him, so Bob went out onto his deck and did an awesome Mission
Impossible jump onto the roof right in front of Archer.

Archer wanted that ticket so bad that he fainted and fell off the side of the house and
onto the grass. Bob was so surprised that he called the police and they took Archer
away to court. Bob thanked the police and went back to the game, but the tv was off.
So Bob checked all the cables and found nothing.

Winning lotto ticket
by: Jayden
Someone called Lachlan was having a walk when he saw a lottery
shop and got a ticket for $1 it  says if you win you will get
$10,000,000.” Lachlan was amazed and he got 100 of the tickets.
He scans all the tickets and on his last one he had the right
numbers and he got all the money. But Zayden his friend was
watching. He dreamed of having all the money to himself.

That night when Lachlan was having dinner and celebrating
Zayden got the ticket and ran away.”I will finally have a house”
said Zayden. Lachlan was about to leave the house when he saw
Zayden on the news that said (winner of lotto). Lachlan was so
mad at his friend.he tried to get into Zayden mansion but it was
to strong.

Zayden had the best defence the country. So Lachlan couldn’t get
in Zayden and his wife Isabel were laughing at Lachlan, from the
tall building.

Lachlan called the police, they could not get in the house so they
got a plane and flew to america. They told Donald Trump. He
sent a missile and it hit the house and it made a small whole in the
roof. Lachlan got in the house along with the police and they
were going to send him to court, But Lachlan didn’t want him to,
so he still got the house and never bothered Lachlan again.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Personal Art Collages

For art, Room 5 created digital art collages that represented themselves. 

Protests in New Zealand

The Australia reading group read about various protests that took place in New Zealand from the Depression Riots to the Anti-Vietnam Protests to the Anti-TPPA Protests in 2016. For their reading activity, students had to create a poster explaining what the protest was about and the outcome of the issue due to the protest. 

by: Bailey

by: Adhvika