Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Descriptive Writing

In Room 5, we have been describing mythical creatures based on the five senses, in addition to describing their actions and personality. We have explored powerful and sophisticated vocabulary and various language features such as personification, alliteration, smilie and metaphors. 
The Hippogriff
by: Sarah Ribton

The hippogriff has a faint smell of fish odour, and huge outstretched eagle wings as it soars across
the sky .It’s soft silky feathers flap in the wind behind it.The hippogriff dives down like a
meteorite into the sea and swoops back up again clutching a fish with it’s razor sharp claws.
 It rips the fish to shreds within seconds with it’s sleek sharp beak.

The hippogriff acts extremely suspicious when someone  enters its territory. All fear him in the forest and
scuttle away in fear  when the hippogriff comes stomping into the deep, dark forest to take a nap.
When it awakes, the hippogriff screams at deafening scream. The hippogriff is a mischievous
creature that is always on the hunt for excitement and adventure.

The Gruffalo
by: Dhyana Chhita
The Gruffalo has two mysterious orangy bulging eyes and a green slimy wart on the tip of his curved light pink nose. There is two white pearled pointed horns that sit on the edge of his big brainy head. Unlike any other creature the Gruffalo has ugly, yellow teeth sticking out of his rusty mouth, making an unusual pattern.

 On the Gruffalo’s butt, he has a big brown tail swishing around which causes trees to collapse. The Gruffalo’s skin is as matted and bushy as a bear. His farts sounds like a million guns shooting in the invisible air.The Gruffalo has a threatening tone of voice. Also he has a pungent, toxic waste like smell that surrounds him. It smells like he bathed in garbage and a portalo.

 The Gruffalo lives in the deep dark forest where all creatures wait upon him.Unlike anyone else, the Gruffalo lives in a rugged hut that sits in the center of the naturous forest.However he has prickly leaves, twigs and branches surrounding his cosy comfy home.

 Although he is a grunting giant, he stops to smell the fragrant flowers as he lumbers through the forest. The Gruffalo likes making friends and lying on the smooth grass and looking at the fluffy clouds. At night he likes to stargaze while staring at the dark blue night sky. The Gruffalo is an enthusiastic and a courageous person and he is ready to take on anything that is ahead of him.

by: Angela Acharya

The majestic shining mythical creature is extraordinary with its galaxy horn and its white furry
body and purple hooves.  The enchanted unicorn is soft like cotton candy and smells like
bubblegum. Her rainbow mane has a little smigit of glitter with a flowing rainbow 🌈 tail.

The unicorn leaps around and walks sternly and helps people through it’s magical horn.
 Although she is considerate of others, she likes to smell the perfumed flowers and look up at
the puffy clouds and sleepily daydream.

A whistling noise comes from her mouth as she struts along the forest  with the caramel
colored pathway. She has a miniature body and her texture is like a fluffy monster.
She leaps through the trees🌴 in a delighted manner.

by: Lachlan Norris 
The green goblin has rough skin that is as hard as sandpaper. His bald head
omits a foul odour that smells like dirt and cow poo. Little bits of spiky excess
food stick to his body.

Unlike his stick thin allies, Bob is fat like a slime monster. His belly jiggles around when he
stomps to the T.V with some orange encrusted doritos. When he eats them, the crumbs fall
down his tummy and become absorbed by his fatty blobby skin.

Bob grunts with a crackly tone, and an old rag hangs from his waist, barely
covering his hairy dented belly button. A pair of beefy legs dangle from his

On his quest to find treasure he often walks into walls with his mouth
wide open, hitting his head, not remembering what he was doing in a dungeon.
The walls that he walks into are covered in damp moss that look like a


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  1. Fabulous descriptions, Room 5 - and super vocabulary choices!