Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Character Description

Room 5 created character descriptions based on their artwork. They had to describe their characters hair, face, body and clothing using powerful descriptive vocabulary. 
by: Dileena
Catie has long and wavy hair but has curls in many places.
She also has very pointy cat ears, her strawberry-blonde hair
has lots of ringlets. This fantastic lady has lots of fly aways and
has a fringe up to her eyes.

Catie has smooth, peachy coloured, fair skin. Her mysterious
emerald green eyes give a bright glow to her skin. She has
luscious bright red lips that give her face a bright glow.

Catie wears a rainbow dress that has lots of rags on it. Her
socks are very uneven, but give her an exquisite look.
Whenever she walks out of her house, her clothes glitter
in the sun.

My Spy
by: James
My spy, Mr Black, wears a pitch black hat and a sleek, dark suit.
He wears sunglasses which help to make him look mysterious.
 He has hard, sturdy boots and always has a serious, tense expression on his face.
He has brown spiky hair that is quite oily as he doesn’t
wash it that often.   

He survived Chernobyl. He has a reddish nose and he
speaks Ukrainian.  He is very skinny and spotty, tall and
bruised. He has one black eye and a dart gun.

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  1. Great job guys it was really detailed and I could really imagine the characters.